Want to buy a copy?

Amazon and Kobo distribute eBook versions through most major retail databases.

Australian, European and UK  paperback sales are handled by:

  • Dennis Jones and Associates (in conjunction with  Gardners and Gazelle)

 Other Australian distribution is through                                                      

  •  IntBooks, in Melbourne (tomdanby@me.com )                                 
  • Storm Bay Books (stormbaybooks@gmail.com)
  • Blackgum Distribution (damon@blackgum.com.au)

NZ and Australian readers can purchase all four books and the DVD from a variety of outlets including Boatbooks.

Bookstores in NZ include all the major Children’s Bookshops and many reputable independent bookshops throughout the country. 

New Zealand libraries and school distribution is through:                            

  • Unity Books in Wellington (wellington@unitybooks.co.nz)
  • Wheelers, in Auckland (eileens@wheelers.co.nz)

UK sales can also be made through

  • Arthur Ransome Society book stall (paulwilson204@hotmail.com)

 For further information contact  stormbaybooks@gmail.com

2 Responses to Purchasing

  1. Sarah White says:

    My 9 year old son was given Eco-Pirate kids for Christmas 2016 and couldn’t put it down. Now we are lending it out round the neighbourhood. Couldn’t believe that Hutt City Libraries and Wellington City Libraries didn’t seem to have copies of your books. Or maybe it was my searching skills …. Now trying to get our hands on Snake Island Kids . Can we purchase a copy directly?

    • nzmaid@gmail.com says:

      Hi Sarah – It’s great to get this feedback. I’ve emailed you separately regarding the Wellington bookstores which have stocked these books, but for your additional interest, Wheelers in Auckland are the key distributors for libraries and schools, and Boat Books has been keeping their stocks up regularly. Thanks for sharing it around. – Kind regards – Jon

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